How Hootsuite Started in a Co-Working Space

With the advent of so many social network channels, it has become more difficult to run them all seamlessly without exerting so much energy. That is why social media management platforms have been on the rise and they go from helping you manage your social network channels, keep track of your notifications, schedule your posts, […]

What Really is Co-Working?

In this part of the world, not many people know about co-working, most of us have had to put up with the work tradition passed down to us from ages ago and see it as ‘normal’ . It is a great underrated concept which many people are oblivious of and don’t know how to utilize. […]

Why You Should opt for a Co-Working Space Instead of Working From Home.

Most people fantasize the ideal work life, where they won’t be under the behest of any employer. Independence, flexibility, freewill are some of the terms commonly used by those who have been emancipated from the conventional work settings. It is quite enjoyable; being your own boss, dictating your own rules, not having to kit up […]

Cost Effect of Co-Working Space

The most important benefit of coworking space is the cost-effectiveness to the business and business owners. Shared space has never been so revolutionized until recent times. More significantly, for professionals who need a space to work and inexpensively, the coworking space is probably one of the most affordable and financially burden-free. The coworking space affords […]