With the advent of so many social network channels, it has become more difficult to run them all seamlessly without exerting so much energy. That is why social media management platforms have been on the rise and they go from helping you manage your social network channels, keep track of your notifications, schedule your posts, curating members to managing ROI. Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management platforms we have today, and the company is valued at over $ 1 billion, not much is said about its history though.

Born in Vernon in 1974, Holmes surely won’t fit your definition of a rich kid. In fact, he struggled like the average joe on the street. Although his was a small farm, a secluded place in the British Columbian Interior without electricity. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams – he was a proficient programmer. In his fifth grade, he won a district wide programming contest which saw him take home an Apple LLC which he rewired to run off a car battery. There he would go on to spend so much of his time furthering his programming sojourn.

He decided to study business and computer science courses, but he later dropped out to launch a pizza restaurant in his home in 1997. In 1999, he had sold the company so he could fund his desire for computers and emerging technology. He learnt internet design and development before working at a company in Vancouver, thereafter, he founded a digital media company (INVOKE). He employed 21 people out of which 7 would later constitute the founding team of Hootsuite in 2008.

How did a coworking space help?

Hootsuite is one of the many products of coworking spaces, one of the biggest in fact. After being able to raise $1.9 million in funding which was enough to create its independence, Holmes took to a coworking space to further the development of his new company and it is none other than the famous Rocket Space in San Francisco.

The coworking space provided them the ideal productive environment. Their adoption of a coworking space afforded the founders the opportunity to connect with developers who they collaboratively worked with to bring their ideas to life. They were so effective and they moved with incredible pace, growing rapidly over the past 12 years till date.

Interestingly, they still give credit and utilize coworking spaces today by incorporating coworking spaces in some of their offices. Their London head office is based in a coworking space, Hootsuite wants its employees to peak in productivity and efficiency by making them as flexible as possible.

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