Most people fantasize about the ideal work-life, where they won’t be under the ‘off intense scrutiny’ of
Independence, flexibility, free will are some of the terms commonly used by these sects who have been
emancipated from the conventional work settings. It is quite enjoyable; being your, dictating
your own rules, not having to kit up very early in the morning to return late at night all fagged out,
relieving yourself of the pressure you must go through each day. But then, it does come at a cost.
This is where the question of productivity comes in.
It becomes quite challenging to surpass or even maintain the previous levels of efficiency attained with
all the checks and balances predefined by the system. To put it quite frankly, it takes high-level discipline.
Well, it becomes quite ironic that you now have all the time in the world to do what you love doing but
you are not as progressive in your plans as you have envisioned yourself to be.
The answer is not quite straight forward though as it differs from person to person. Some feel less
motivated to work due to the environment, some get distracted by the prevailing home activities while
for some, just being alone subtly affects their output and what’s worse, they may not even notice it.
A co-working space is an all-in-one solution to these challenges.
With the environment, which is rightly designed and suited for work, the inspiring atmosphere bubbling
with other working, professionals are just enough to motivate you to do your ‘thing’ and the setup that
makes it easier to separate your work from your home helps draw the line between work and home,
greatly improve your day-to-day productivity.
What’s more?
The social interaction and networking opportunities you’ll find in co-working spaces like, a fast-rising co-working space in the heart of Ikeja reveals the very sharp
the contrast from when you’re working alone, secluded from the outside world.
There’s also a good chance you’ll meet small business owners, cooperate, individuals, professionals,
freelancers, networkers, startup employees or busy bees who can inspire you with their work energy.
Ideas and creative work kind of energy have 90% tendency to die and being home alone is a very good
way to kill it. Why not get up and work? Visit