Do you really know what to make of coworking spaces? A hive where professionals, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers cohabit to sufficiently create. Experts have predicted an annual rise of co-working spaces by 13% globally as it is a growing trend that a lot of workers are utilizing. There are many benefits to adopting a coworking space for your professional work and here are some of the reasons why it is a no-brainer to embrace them.


Being emancipated from the mental restrictions of working at home. The inevitable distractions around you that can inhibit productivity and have you with unnecessary interruptions. These may seem little but over time, it accumulates to lots of wasted time that could have been effectively used.

Environment matters, and being at home doesn’t help. Merely being in a co-working space can change the narrative. You can have a dedicated desk to yourself where you know you can seamlessly get the job done.

Seeing other professionals get the job done is a source of motivation that gears you up to accomplish more tasks. The available amenities help make working easier.


Co-working spaces give added flexibility and better cost management for workers if we consider the factors required to set up an office space with the increasingly demanding economy.

Internet access, furniture, electrical work are already taken care of and you only pay for them when you need them at a relatively minimal cost.

Access to extra services also improves the versatility of the worker all of which would require much more financial strain to set up alone. Even a traditional office space still feels rigid.


Network opportunities provide an avenue for growth and when you have various entrepreneurs, thought leaders,  innovators coming together under a thrilling atmosphere, there can be many of such opportunities around with the greater chance to find someone whose interests are aligned with yours or perhaps a catalyst willing to propel your goals.

Connections are very vital, they can pave the way to significant career advancement and cannot be underplayed. Working alone in isolation can’t give room for such opportunities.


Co-working spaces like Eridanspace engage workers with activities and events where they can get to meet founders, industry leaders equipped with enough experience to guide and educate on various fields.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” – Albert Einstein

The above quote emphasizes the need of getting knowledge from experience and Eridanspace gives you the opportunity to gain this through their organized events.


In addition to the workplace settings a co-working space offers with designs that are best suited for your work and significantly better than a conventional office space, you have the option of paying for your preferred choice.

Options include:

A dedicated desk which allows you own the rights to a desk space where you can engage in your uninterrupted professional work and even leave your properties with the assurance of absolute security.

A private office space that gives you the closure of working in isolation, a setting that can pass as an upgraded office space with access to exclusive services that will make sure you don’t even feel the burden of working at all. Conference rooms for teams to gather, adequately plan, set up meetings/meetups on an hourly – daily plan. The setup encourages team play, teamwork, and development – attributes that are necessary for development.