After identifying the need for co-working spaces, now it boils down to choosing the right one for you. This will determine how smooth of a sail your experience is going to be, how productive and how enjoyable. Just like determining your specification while trying to acquire a product, the diversity in co-working spaces means there are various options to choose from and you definitely need the one that suits your personality. Here are important factors to consider while deciding which co-working space to pitch your tent.


A place you’d probably be physically visiting everyday should have you worried about its geographical location. And there are two things involved in this topic; the environment and how challenging it is to access.

What’s around the structure? Is it in complete isolation or is it too busy with bustling activities and over-the-top factory noises and emissions? Can you go just go out and walk down to an eatery and come back with ease or perform any outdoor activities without difficulty and environmental intrusion? These would mean a lot on the long run.

You should also consider what it takes for  you to get there, transport. The cost and pains – how much of a burden it is potentially going to be for you. You don’t have to sweat before you arrive nor do you have to slip into a series of permutations and combinations before you leave. It is also important to consider how close it is to your clients if you have to visit them consistently.

For example, just barely 7 minutes away from the secretariat in Ikeja, a walkable distance from the Obafemi Awolowo way lies Eridan, one of the top co-working spaces in Lagos. The environment is friendly and injected with the right dose of activities. Also close to  Eridan is Alausa Supermarket where you can just go to get your needed items and some Banks for your cash withdrawals  among others. This can definitely improve your experience while working there.


A good co-working space should have measures put in place to ensure maximum security as we all know how important that feeling of safety is. The freedom to  leave your personal effects at your dedicated space and be absolutely sure that it is secure from theft and damage should be a crucial factor because you can’t always carry your things around, you can’t have a dedicated space and still be a burden to yourself.

We can also talk about security from external environmental factors. It is not so safe out there anymore and organisations are taking proactive steps to ensure the protection of lives and properties. Co-working spaces are not exempted, check if there is adequate security in the environment.


This is equally an important factor. It tells how relieving your environment atmosphere is, how inspiring it is to work and enhance productivity – this is purely based on personal preference and solely relies on your discretion.

Co-working spaces adopt various themes, it could be a sleek, simple design or a more sophisticated approach, you can always decide which looks more visually appealing to you and of course, ignites your flame.


One of the main reasons for opting for a co-working space instead of your traditional set up is the cost  required to get things together so if a co-working space does not  have affordable offers for their plans then you should take a walk.

A dedicated desk and hot desk are among the low tier plans that places you on a hourly to a 24/7 unlimited access. The private office and conference room will have you pay more for your privacy and getting your team together for business meetings but it should still be reasonably priced. You can as well juxtapose a co-working space with the another to find out the best plans. This, however does not mean you should sacrifice quality for affordability. A good co-working space should be able to balance it out.


Apart from providing a convenient environment to set up your work and fire you through the day, you should always be on the look out for additional services provided for you. These services provide a more comforting experience for you and help you settle in more naturally.

Talk of super fast Internet access, printers, copiers, white boards, projectors and of course a refreshing cup of coffee.