The rate of remote work has greatly increased and having a coworking space cannot be overemphasized especially if you are creative and love to connect with other creatives. Working from home has now become the ‘new kid on the block’ since the advent of Covid 19, but you would agree with me that there are lots of distractions with working from home.

Even if start-ups and small businesses have quickly adopted the idea of remote working, having workers who are productive and can deliver on their job is of utmost importance and that is where a coworking space comes in.

Here are the 5 things you need to look out for when choosing a Coworking Space.

  1. Access to an uninterrupted power supply: One can easily get frustrated when you are having a power outage or power supply that is not frequent because all remote jobs require that you work with your laptop, and phones for easy communication. Access to an uninterrupted power supply is a necessity and if you would ask me, a coworking space gives you affordable luxury especially in Nigeria where the power supply is epileptic.
  2. Unlimited internet access: There is no remote work that doesn’t require internet access. Internet access allows you to have your work done smoothly without struggling with the network or getting bothered about the amount of money you are spending on data because all of the costs have been included in your subscription fee.
  3. Access to a community: A coworking space allows you access to a community where you can bounce off ideas from each other. A coworking space is known to be a hub for the 21st-century employee who has a strong desire to make, do, create and be part of something bigger than himself. It also harbors a new breed of Millenials who are more concerned about collaboration than competition and allows you to build a network of professionals.
  4. Access to comfortable office space: A comfortable office space means that the office environment including, furniture, lighting, paintings, and other office essentials is best suited for you, it feels like the office was solely customized for you to spark creativity and productivity.
  5. Access to a Kitchen: Apart from a workspace that helps you to focus, it is equally important to find a coworking space that helps you to reward good work with good food or something to help you relax and keep you working when hunger surfaces. It also allows you to take a break and maximize productivity.