Motivation: Being in a circle of like minds has a way of spurring and motivating an individual to do more. There’s just energy of productivity in the air when you’re in a room full of driven people. It’s nearly impossible to slack off. You will get a lot done.

Community: There’s a sense of community. In places with regulars and familiar faces, it’s amazing how far above and beyond the community will go to help one another succeed.

Flexibility: Rather than signing a long-term lease, you can get much more flexible deals with coworking spaces. It’s great for startups with small bootstrap budgets, and even independent freelancers can find affordable options.

Getting Outside of the Home: Working from home is great, but it’s easy to fall into a rut, too. Being around other people is good for your spirits, it can keep you sharp and is great for creativity.

Networking: When you have so many people with so much in common, that’s the best time to start to network and new opportunities start to flow organically.